I can't believe it's been a month already since starting my hair loss recovery. A lot has changed in the last month, not just with this experience, but also with my personal life. I lost my grandfather on December 15, 2021, I got my HIMS package the same day and I started using it right away on December 16th.

I usually shed most when washing my hair, that's how I keep track of how much hair I lose just by looking at the volume in the suds and in the conditioner. What I had found seemed to be really sudden as there wasn't much hair in the suds 1 month later and even less in the conditioner. When combing my hair out preparing to add the minoxidil, only 5 strands of hair fell into the sink! I had been shedding hair during the wash, condition and combing, so this was new to see less shedding through this whole process.

This tells me that the product is working! It's a slow process, and I expected that, but I was expecting the shedding to slow much more slowly, so for it to almost be stopped within a month is exciting. I'm not expecting the shedding to be completely stopped right away, but I had to write that it's close to ending. I would guess within 60 days the shedding will stop completely. On the HIMS website, it's said shedding should slow or stop within 90 days.

I'm looking forward to what the next 60 days and beyond will bring. So far HIMS is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing and I recommend you start using the product as well!

Go to www.forhims.com and get started today. They have other products for men as well that I haven't tried. They also have products for women, go to www.forhers.com to learn more!

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